Written by Coelius Sedulius (d c ) in iambic dimeter. This hymn, which is used for Lauds during the Christmas season, is the first seven verses of a much. A solis ortus cardine (Gregorian Chant) Work Title, Hymnus A Solis Ortus Cardine. Alternative. Title. Composer, Gregorian Chant. I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat . Information about the hymn tune A SOLIS ORTUS CARDINE.

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As Sabbath passed, anointing myrrh Was brought by women of His fellowship To whom an angel said: He spake the word: Views Read View source View history. From the rising of the sun to the ends of the soolis, let us sing of Christ the Prince, born of the Virgin Mary. D omus pudici pectoris templum repente fit dei; intacta nesciens virum verbo concepit filium.

In holy Jordan’s purest wave the heavenly Lamb vouchsafed to lave; That He, to whom was sin unknown, might cleanse His people from their own. H ostis herodes impie, christum venire quid times? On his fourth malodorous day, Lazarus recovered his life, And, once freed from the shackles of death, Became heir unto himself.

He takes no earthly realms away Who gives the crown that lasts for aye. Polyphony of this kind became less common during the reign of Edward VIwhen the English Reformation resulted in choirs being disbanded and organs dismantled.

The water reddens into wine: Articles containing German-language text Commons category link is on Wikidata.

A solis ortus cardine

Translation by John Mason Neale. In this form, it was translated by Luther and published in his first collection of hymns as Christum wir sollen loben schon. He bore with lying in the hay, He did not scorn the manger, And on a little milk He fed, Who let no bird in want of food. T unc ille iudas carnifex ausus magistrum tradere, pacem ferebat osculo, quam non habebat pectore. At His coming in humility at the manger in Bethlehem, Our Lord, who sustains and feeds even the loweliest creature, suffers cold and hunger.


A solis ortus cardine is a Latin hymn, written in the first half of the fifth century by the early Christian poet Sedulius. Lifeless in all his body, But suddenly commanded to rise, A sick man could on his own again Carry away his bed.

Blessed creator of the world Assuming the body of a slave, Freeing our flesh with his own flesh That what he made might not be lost. Jesus, to you be glory, who are born of a virgin, with the Father and the loving Spirit, for eternal ages. He consented to lie in the hay; He did not ogtus the manger; And he oetus fed with only little milk, He, who doesn’t allow even birds to hunger.

V erax datur fallacibus, pium flagellat impius, crucique fixus innocens coniunctus est latronibus.

With the other Latin texts of Sedulius, dardine enjoyed wide circulation in the church and in schools from late antiquity and medieval times until the end of the seventeenth century. Caste parentis viscera, Celestis intrat gratia; Venter puelle baiulat, Secreta que non noverat.

That Son, that royal Son she bore, whom Gabriel’s voice had told afore: P etrus per undas ambulat christi levatus dextera: Clausae 1 parentis viscera caelestis intrat gratia; venter puellae baiulat secreta quae non noverat.

Retrieved from ” https: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Two parts from it entered Catholic liturgy: Retrieved 11 June An almost syllabic version is in use in the cardnie Catholic liturgy. The heavenly chorus rejoiced, And the Angels sang God’s praise, And to the shepherds was manifested, The Shepherd who created everything. Earthly realms he does not seize, Soolis kingdom of heaven he gives.


It was also set by Bach in his chorale cantata Christum wir sollen loben schon and his chorale prelude BWV Page 1 of A solis in Leofric CollectarExeter 11th century. This famous hymn was written by Caelius Sedulius d. A Solis Ortus Cardine is an ancient 5 th century poem solie.

A solis ortus cardine – Wikipedia

Luther translated the first seven verses into the hymn ” Christum wir sollen loben schon “, which long remained the main German Protestant Christmas hymn until the new Evangelisches Gesangbuch of the s, in which it did not appear. Blest Author of this earthly frame, to take a servant’s form he came, that liberating flesh by flesh, whom he had made might live afresh. Clausae 1 parentis viscera Caelestis intrat gratia; Venter puellae baiulat Secreta quae non noverat.

This page was last edited on caedine Octoberat Gaudet soljs caelestium et Angeli canunt Deum, palamque fit pastoribus Pastor, Creator omnium.

Come let us with dulcet hymns Join to sing of the overthrow Of Tartarus by the triumph of Christ Who, though sold, redeemed us all. General information This famous hymn was written by Caelius Sedulius d.