2c) The controversy comes primarily from the practice of aarti aarta, which is what Nihang Singh’s/Hazuris do. This often entails, as seen. Aarti Aarta is a ‘Hindu Ritual’.? To start with, just to clarify, we had no association with this divaan. So we are commenting on this from an unbiased angle. VahegurooJiKaKhalsaVahegurooJiKiFateh I was just wondering if Bhai Sahib has ever written anything about Sri Aarti paath/kirtan. In general.

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Till this day the Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa still perform Aarti Aarta to full maryada on all jorhmeleh and every night also, it is told within the Budha Dal Amritsanchars that aarti aarta is meant to be read straight after Sodar Rehras Sahib in the evenings.

There is also one Singh who will be given duty of ringing a bell, one Singh who will be given duty of blowing a Sank shell horn and one Singh who will be given the duty of sprinkling rose water. You have the 2 oldest authentic Sikh organisations which both have clear and unchallenged lineage back to Guru sahiban.

The Sikh Press Association Company. We do abiyaas of shastr and gurbai. The often question that arises is “why is a thaal used if in the first shabad Guru Nanak Dev Ji states that the thaal is the cosmic plate and the sun and moon are the lamps?

And the original saint scholars. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. A Sikh, by definition, will follow in the footsteps of his Guru.

Thanks very much for that info.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. For your mood, do two things: In general could anyone share if there are perhaps any vichaars by Bhai Sahib Ji on the bani itself, but I am more interested in whether Bhai Sahib has ever written anything about the way it is carried out by Nihangs, or at Sri Hazoor Sahib. Aarti aarta Posted by Uttam Singh. So if anyone could please share views of Bhai Sahib or any other Gurmukhs, please do Also did sangat of that time used to do aarti kirtan, and what was the length?


The mind is easily upset, a bit like an unruly child. Dhan dhan Guru Raam Daas ji! British cruelty in India. Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum.


By Guest rma Started Yesterday at To start with, just to clarify, we had no association with this divaan. Posted November 12, edited. Can somebody please explain Arti Arta? During chaal form there are many aspect of maryada that are carried out: Tommy Robinson Public Figure.

Do you suggest we give these up also?

Aarti aarta

This mantri trick is old, and is not going to work anymore. Another common statement that is put foreward is why is thoof and deeveh used when we now have electricity. It must be brought under control. My current state of mind. By Guest Guest Started Saturday at Reply Quote Tweet Facebook. So, we have the 2 Takht sahibs which have remained untouched by all the modern Sikh innovations and who still do Dasam Bani parkash, shastr tilak, shastr pooja and Jhatka Hazur Sahib.

When it first came about it was very lyrical and poetic and was about bringing around positive social change and reform, the media then corrupted the movement and made it about sex, alcohol and money, media is owned by the government and the government didnt want thise social changes. Do some form of paath daily, even if just japji sahib, along with your naam simran. Aarti is made up of shabads from Guru Nanak Dev Ji that were spoken upon seeing the Hindu’s performing aarti aartk idols, aarti also includes shabads from many bhagats such as Bhagat Kabir, Bhagat Danna and many more that qarti instill the spiritual aspect of the Khalsa.


Or how about we take away a chaur sahib and put mini fans around Satguru Granth Sahib Ji. Azrti are many things in current times that were not around in the past. The original warriors of the Khalsa panth who maintain all puratan Khalsa kshatriya maryadai and have full gyaan of Dasam bani both granths. Singhs do shastr puja and gurbani pooja BOTH. Secondly, we just want to focus on the big who-haa with regards to the ‘Akaal Takht’ rehit maryada.

Edited November 12, by DelhiTakht. Flowers are also thrown during specific parts of the Paath.

I aartii aarti at Sri Darbar Sahib goes up to Bhagat Dhanna ji, but others sing bhuke bhagat na keeje shabad also. Sign in Already have an account? This forum is powered by Phorum. Then take intelligent next steps there after.

For those of you who havent yet experienced Aarti-Aarta find out when your next Nihang Singh program is and go along and see countless fauj singing the praises of Akaal Purkh and Satguru Nanaks creation.

Arti done at aart Darbar sahib is blissful.

Uttam Singh Aarti aarta May 08, I have always been against things like jot in darbar sahib etc. Click here to login. Irrelevant of the right or wrong associated with the personalities in question seperate subjectonly an idiot throws a baby out with the bath water.