Atwater-Rhodes (the Den of Shadows series) introduces a fascinating world in which magic and mercenaries are everywhere, largely. AMELIA ATWATER-RHODES wrote her first novel, In the Forests of the Night, when she was thirteen. Other books in the Den of Shadows series are Demon in . Poison Tree is a novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and the eighth book in her Den of Shadows series. It is her thirteenth novel overall. Released on July.

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Atwater-Rhodes stated that Poison Tree was originally titled Tiger Risethat she had initially filmed it as a movie with her friends, and that the book took her a long time to write. There should be some kind of guide to characters, hunter, shifter and such so I can keep up with the story.

I just felt so disconnected throughout this story while I atwxter-rhodes reading. Not only would this give her more space to work with, and give her fans more material to read, but it would make a lot of sense from a marketing perspective!

In the end only some aemlia these questions were answered and I was left still confused at what happened. My head is all over the place and I desperately want more! One day, tech support is needed because of a computer glitch that occurs and a young man named Ben arrives to fix the problem.

While I know it was done on purpose, it still drives me crazy. It makes it seem more real.


I got one more to finish in this world series, then I will attempt to finish her other series that I stopped reading when some years ago and then I plan to start her new series. Atwater-Rhodes provides little direct exposition, leaving her readers to infer much of the structure of the story from conversations, a technique that helps immerse readers into the narrative but that may confuse those less attentive.

Poison Tree by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes | : Books

Although a boring cover, the suspense, mysteries, twists and turns of this story are definitely something that will increase enjoyment of your quiet time! Dec 01, Nancy Meservier rated it it was ok Shelves: So much anelia explored and tossed out to readers at such a fast pace. Plus there were a few returning characters from other books, which always makes me grin. At one point, I went back to reread the first few chapters for clarification.

First the cover attracted me. At first I had no idea whose story this is. Very awesome female leads. On one hand, I really enjoyed the atwater-dhodes half of the book. Feb 25, Dlora rated it liked it Shelves: Sarik and Alysia are not exactly the best of friends.


This is the most complicated and convoluted plotline that the author has ever written as she whines about briefly in her dedicationbut I think she manages to pull it off without muddling anything up. I still plan to read her books though! I just felt like there were things I wanted to know about their pasta and motivations that I never found out. Now she is a mediator for SingleEarth, an organization designed to foster harmony among the humans and supernatural beings.

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Poison Tree (Atwater-Rhodes novel) – Wikipedia

While I enjoyed parts of atwatee-rhodes story I felt others parts were underdeveloped. When an attack occurs at SingleEarth, both women must face the past they left and rediscover who can be really trusted.

I can’t help but think that if anyone stumbled upon this book without reading the others loison, they would be completely confused and may miss out on a truly wonderful story. Sarik’s vampire boyfriend Jason, the newest SingleEarth mediator Alysia, and Frost guild leader Christian, ties the story together but leaves it seemingly incomplete overall.

Poison Tree

Meanwhile two assassins, Alysia and Christian, join forces to fight the rest of the vampire nest while Sarik and Jason escape. What can I say?? Weaving in the ot With a curious prologue set six years in the past, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes establishes the connection between the four main protagonists of Poison Tree. Mar 23, Diane Ferbrache rated it liked it Shelves: We seem to jump from person to person so I didn’t know who was the protagonist until three-quarters the way through the book.