1. Eur Ann Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Dis. Feb;(1) doi: / Epub Jul 9. A case of an ameloblastic fibrosarcoma in the mandible is described. The primary tumor was seen in a 5-year-old child. In spite of repeated surgical. Introduction. Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma (AFS) is a rare malignant odontogenic tumor. It can arise de novo, however one-third of cases may arise from a recurrent.

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J Osaka Univ Dent Sch ; PCNA was strongly positive in both components, while p53 was strongly positive only in the mesenchymal component.

Ameloblastic Fibrosarcoma of the Mandible: A Case Report and Brief Review of the Literature

Ameloblastic carcinoma of the maxillaJ Laryngol Otol. Recent studies about AF malignant transformation linked such evolution to the acquisition of oncogenic aberrations in TP Blocking of endogenous avidin-binding activity in immunohistochemistry: A study of cases. J Craniofac Surg ; Therefore, a more serious process was suspected and the patient was referred to an OMFS for further examination. No evidence of regional or distant metastasis was noted.

Introduction Odontogenic tumors and tumor-like lesions constitute a rare group of heterogeneous diseases that range from nonneoplastic tissue proliferations to malignant tumors with metastatic potential.

Pediatric ameloblastic fibro-odontosarcoma of the mandible: J Oral Pathol Med. Ameloblastic fibroma or ameloblastic fibrosarcoma. However, in the case of clinicoradiographic evidence of an aggressive tumor, serial sampling of surgical specimens should be performed to look for a histologically malignant phenotype.

Adamantinosarcoma of the maxilla. Histologically, it consisted of a mixed epithelial-mesenchymal odontogenic neoplasm composed of benign islands of well-differentiated ameloblastic epithelium within a malignant fibrous stroma consisting of spindle cells or fibroblasts with a brisk mitotic activity.


It can arise de novo, however one-third of cases may arise from a recurrent ameloblastic fibroma, in which case they appear to present at an older age. The patient underwent a left hemimandibular resection and immediate fibular free flap reconstruction. Odontogenic Tumors and Allied Lesions. Here is described a case of ameloblastic fibrosarcoma AFS affecting the posterior mandible of a woman who was treated surgically and recovered without signs of recurrence or metastasis after 12 years of follow-up.

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Int J Oral Surg ;5: An intraoral examination revealed lingual and buccal cortical bone expansion affecting the mandibular body, with no clinical or imaging evidence of cortical perforation.

Of these, 88 Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery. Therefore, some investigators recommend a more aggressive treatment for ameloblastic fibromas as compared to previous procedures.

Clinico-pathologic, histoenzymological and ultrastructural study. In those cases, when the inductive process resulted only in the deposition of dentine, the lesions were called ameloblastic fibrodentinosarcomas AFDSs ; when dentine and enamel were identified concurrently, the term ameloblastic fibro-odontosarcoma AFOS was used 1 C Odontogenic ectomesenchyme showing high pleomorphism, hyperchromatism and mitotic figure arrow.

Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma: a rare malignant odontogenic tumor.

CD34 expressing ameloblastic fibrosarcoma arising in the maxilla: A case report of ameloblastic fibrosarcoma. J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; It is regarded as the malignant counterpart of ameloblastic fibroma AF. Pan Zmeloblastic Med J ; Rapid sarcomatous transformation of an ameloblastic fibroma of the mandible: Mersin Universitesi Egitim Fakultesi Dergisi Jpn J Oral Surg ; Clinicopathologic, histoenzymological and ultrastructural study.


An incisional biopsy was performed, followed by routine histopathology, resulting in the diagnosis of primary AFS. Intraoral view shows buccal and palatal expansion in the left maxillary region and the exophytic ulcerated mass. Dentists should be familiar with signs and symptoms of malignant tumors of the jaws, especially rare cases with unusual presentation.

Cases first treated with a conservative approach have demonstrated lower overall survival, mainly because of multiple relapses and the involvement of other structures Table 3 and Fig. Tumor sections were immunostained for cell cycle, epithelial and mesenchymal markers. Histopathological examination of the resected specimen showed evidence of scant cords and nests of odontogenic epithelium scattered within the mesenchymal stromal tissue Fig.

Case Report A year-old female presented with a 2-month history of an asymptomatic swelling in her left mandible. Discussion AFS was first reported by Heath in describing it as a spindle cell sarcoma that also had epithelial cells resembling the cells of the enamel organ [ 5 ]. Malignant transformation of ameloblastic fibroma to ameloblastic fibrosarcoma: This study reinforces the necessity of treating AFS with an aggressive surgical approach, with no need for other complementary therapies.

Clin Oral Investig ;8: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Dtsch Z Mund Kiefer Gesichtschir ;