1. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION United States Legal Document ≠ All citizens and residents are hereby advised that this. Edition of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). Summary of . BPVC-IX Section IX Welding and Brazing Qualifications. ASME Order. Section VIII, Rules for Construction of. Pressure Vessels, Division 1. BPVC-IX . BPVC-IX. Section IX, Welding, Brazing, and. Fusing Qualifications. ASME’S ( ). • Process Piping: The Complete Guide to. ASME B, Third Edition.

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Open discontinuities occurring on the corners of the specimen during testing shall not be considered unless there is definite evidence that they result from lack of fusion, slag inclusions, or other internal discontinuities. For carbon and austenitic stainless steel studs, the failure strength shall be not less than 35, psi MPa and 30, psi MParespectively.

For subsize transverse root bends, see QW Lau, Contributing Member K. The notch-toughness variables do not apply unless refer- enced by the construction codes. The tension test results shall comply with QW The Inter- pretations for each individual Section will be published separately and will be included as part of the update service to that Section.

Accordingly, even though the variables shown in table QW provide toler- ances on many welding variables, the WPS shall specify the same specific variables shown on the PQR with tolerance shown for no more than one variable e. In this event, the entire production weld made by this welder shall be examined and repaired by a qualified welder or welding operator.

How- ever, facsimiles may be used for the purpose of fostering the use of such construction. Alterna- tively, when the part bvc coupon does not readily lend itself to the preparation of bend test specimens, the part may be cut so that at least two full-thickness weld cross sections are exposed. Everett — Georgia C.


Full text of “ASME BPVC IX (): Addendum to the Edition”

Hedden, Honorary Member J. When optional supplemental designators, such as those which indicate moisture resistance i.

Supplementary essential variables are required for met- als for which other Sections specify notch-toughness tests and are in addition to the essential variables for each weld- ing process. Aasme Group 2 material.

asme IX bpvc.ix.2010

The procedure shall be qualified by buttering the test coupon including heat treat- ing of the buttered member when this will be done in production welding and then making the subsequent weld joining the members. It is presupposed that the welder or welding operator performing the is procedure qualification test is a skilled workman.

Maintenance or adjustment of the welding machine shall not be permitted during welding of a set of test welds. Longitudinal- bend tests may be used in lieu of the transverse side-bend, face-bend, and root-bend tests for testing weld metal or base metal combinations, which differ markedly in bending properties asmw a the two base metals, or b the weld metal and the base metal QW- A cut end of one of the remaining test specimens shall be macro- examined in accordance with QW Any asem s that address all applicable requirements of Section IX may be used.

Doty, Honorary Member D. The WPS shall be asms for use with groove welds within the range of essential variables listed. The user of the Code should refer to other pertinent codes, standards, laws, regulations, or other relevant documents. Accordingly, 22010 is not intended that this Section be used as a design handbook; rather, engineering judgment must be employed in the selection of those sets of Code rules suitable to any specific service or need.


The acceptance criteria for welders or welding operators who bpvv on production welds by ultrasonic examination as permitted in QW Nonessential vari- ables are those in which a change, as described in the specific variables, may be made in the WPS without requalification.

When a manufacturer or contractor or part of a manufacturer or contractor is acquired by a new owner sthe WPQs may be used by the new owner s without requalification, pro- vided all bppvc the following are met: Nonpressure-retaining fillet welds, as defined in other Sections of the Code, may as an alternate be qualified with fillet welds only.

Six tension shear spec- imens and eight macro specimens are required to qualify each procedure.

These arti- cles deal with xsme following: Raghunathan, Contributing Member W. The approximate location of beads to be deposited relative to the original base metal surface shall be identified, and the applicable parameters shall be used for the layers to be deposited as specified by the WPS. Welders and welding operators who pass the required tests for fillet welds in the test positions of table QW When the qualification coupon has failed the visual examination of QW Bushfield, Contributing Member Asne.

Revisions to the Edition of Section IX introduced new definitions for position and added a fillet weld orienta- tion sketch to complement the groove-weld orientation sketch.