ASTM D is the major specification covering Aviation Gasoline. and it is anticipated that the Grade 91 will now be removed from ASTM D freeing up. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D; the . last published in Specification Dā€“94 in the Annual Book of ASTM. ASTM D Standard Specification for Leaded Aviation Gasolines.

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By Maythe US Federal Aviation Administration FAA Unleaded Avgas Transition rulemaking committee had put together a plan in conjunction with industry to replace leaded avgas with an unleaded alternative within 11 years.

While lead concentrations in the air have declined, scientific studies have demonstrated that children’s neurological development is harmed by much lower levels of lead exposure than previously understood. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. However, all of their engines require that an oil additive be used when unleaded fuel is used: Likewise, if the fuel tank is mounted above the engine and fuel flows primarily due to gravity, as in a high-wing airplane, vapor lock cannot occur, using either aviation or automotive fuels.

Avgas – Wikipedia

Unlike mogas, which has been formulated since the s to allow the use of platinum -content catalytic converters for pollution reduction, the most commonly used aetm of avgas still contain tetraethyllead TELa toxic substance used to prevent engine knocking detonationwith ongoing experiments aimed at eventually reducing or eliminating the use of TEL in 9d10 gasoline.

Some of the lower-powered ā€” horsepower or 75ā€” kilowatts aviation engines that were developed in the late s are designed to run on unleaded fuel and on LL, an example being the Rotax Additives such as TEL help to control detonation and provide lubrication. The production economics of this new fuel have not been confirmed but it is anticipated that it will cost at least as much as LL.


Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. Retrieved 13 May TEL found in leaded avgas and its combustion products are potent neurotoxins that have been shown in scientific research to interfere with brain development in children.

Global Reach Intertek is the industry leader with over 42, people in 1, locations in over countries. Common ethanol fuel mixtures. This does not constitute an insurmountable obstacle, but merely requires examination of the fuel system, ensuring adequate shielding from high temperatures and maintaining sufficient pressure in the fuel lines.

The company eventually intends to produce the fuel from renewable biomass feedstocks, and aims to produce something competitive in price with LL and currently available alternative fuels. Shrinking availability of avgas drives usage of small airplane engines that can use jet fuel.

Prevent all spills from reaching water. The result can be remarkable, with cylinder performance deteriorating to unacceptable levels in under 10 hours. Teledyne Continental Motors, Inc.

Octane Engine Testing, St. Aircraft Owners and pilots Association.

Avgas is occasionally used in amateur auto racing aatm as its octane rating is higher than automotive gasoline thus allowing the engines to run at higher compression ratios. Archived from the original on 26 February Retrieved 5 July Retrieved 3 May Industry analysts have indicated that it will likely cost as much or more than existing LL. However, prices are so high that there have been efforts to convert to diesel fuel which is common, inexpensive, and has advantages for aviation use.


Retrieved 12 December The use of unleaded auto fuels with engines designed for leaded fuels can result in excessive exhaust valve seat wear due to the lack of lead.

ASTM D – 17a Standard Specification for Leaded Aviation Gasolines

Aircraft piston engine components, systems and terminology. Fuel dyes aid ground crew and pilots in identifying and distinguishing the fuel grades [12] and most are specified by ASTM D or other standards.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Evaluating how your products and atsm meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards. Some oxygenates other than ethanol are approved.

Vapor lock typically occurs in fuel systems where a mechanically-driven fuel pump mounted on the engine draws fuel from a tank mounted lower than the pump. This product should not be used for purposes other than its intended use.

SuperCharge Octane Testing for Aviation Fuels

Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. The high octane ratings were traditionally achieved by the addition of tetraethylleada atsm toxic substance that was phased out of automotive use in most countries in the late 20th century. This 94UL meets the avgas specification including vapor pressure but has not been completely tested for detonation qualities in all Continental engines or under all conditions.