If you use shellexecute to autorun documents you can not ensure that user will have the appropriate software to read your document on their computers. There is. Notes on how to create a cd that will auto run when placed in a drive. shellexecute=datafile, Specifies an application or data file that is to be opened. Windows. [AutoRun] OPEN= SHELLEXECUTE= ICON=Auto- LABEL=My CD-ROM USEAUTOPLAY=0 SHELL=ReadMe.

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INF file is located in the root folder of a CD. Yes I edited my answer above. If one of these contents is set to false through one the case-insensitive values 0, n, no, f, or false, the Autoplay UI does not display the handlers associated with that content type even if content of that type is detected on the media.

Once in Notepad, type out the following text: This aurorun should be found in this key: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once in Notepad, type out the following text:. Otherwise, the default menu item text will be “AutoPlay”, which launches the application specified by the open entry.

How To Create a cd that will autorun

It may include a path and any arguments. Creating an autorun USB drive allows for customization of content as well as the personalization of the title of your flash drive and its autoplay setup options.

The OPEN entry specifies shellexeccute path and file name of the application that AutoRun launches when a user shellexxecute a disc in the drive. Contains any additional parameters that should be passed to ShellExecuteEx. The verb and its associated menu command must be defined in the Autorun. I even had a more robust autorun.


By placing settings in an autorun. Paths in shllexecute section take precedence over paths in the [ExclusiveContentPaths] section. Windows XP will fully search:.

For information on how you can register an application as a handler for your custom AutoPlay content event, see Auto-launching with AutoPlay or How to Register an Event Handler.

Configuration files Windows administration. As stated in my comment, windows no longer allows this. They should indicate the application to be run, the dhellexecute that created it, and any associated branding. I also tried this link: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Autorun.inf – Commands

These are all static pages, and are all linked to shellrxecute. If one of these contents is set to true through one the case-insensitive values 1, y, yes, t, or true, the Autoplay UI displays the handlers associated with that content type regardless of whether content of that type exists on the media.

AutoRun enabled application CD-ROMs to automatically launch a program which could then guide the user through the installation process. If no action entry is present, the Autoplay dialog is displayed but with no option to launch the additional content.

Keep in mind that Mac operating systems cannot use autorun, and it is believed they do so as a general security measure. When UseAutoPlay is used, any action specified by the open or shellexecute entries in Autorun.


Any characters after the 32nd are truncated and not displayed.

– Commands

You might have to put your site on some sort of alternative media such as a dvd. How to use autorun in Windows 7 from a Flash drive to open a webpage? Is this page helpful? This might be because they are concerned about viruses. How to test Autorun. A CD contains three files: Use of this section is intended to allow content authors to communicate the intent of content to Autoplay. You will also need your executable application or document you are wanting ehellexecute open.

This section is used to indicate where driver files may be located.

Creating an AutoRun-Enabled Application

I believe this was a security change by Windows from preventing viruses and the like. In the case of folders with spaces in their names, do not enclose them in quotes as the quotes are taken literally as part of the path.

The mere existence of an autorun. However, the system only displays the first 32 characters. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The first icon stored within setup. With 1st AutoRun Express you will do it in a few clicks. Second, when the USB drive is distributed as a promotional gift, it provides a second layer of marketing on top of a branded exterior.