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The movement is not of me, it is of God. I would not dare try to direct it. Obey the Spirit, that is our word in everything EvanRoberts welshrevival avivamjento holyspirit obeythespirit – 17 hours ago. I never prepare the words I shall speak. I leave all that to Him. I am not the source of this revival.


I am only one agent in what is growing to be a multitude. I desire to give my life, which is all I have to give, to helping others to find it also. Many have already found ve, thank God, and many more are finding it through them.

I got to sit in on rehearsals for Welsh Revival on Sunday. Who His love will not remember? Who can cease to sing His praise? He can never be forgotten Throughout Heaven’s eternal days – 1 avivqmiento ago.

Rees Howells was called into abiding by God. Instead of fellowship with Christians, it was to be only with the Lord. He was not even allowed to make known at home, nor to the wider circle avivamientoo his friends, that he had given up the mission to his friend and by choice had entered this path of intercession. EvanRoberts welshrevival Psalms sermons song – 1 galles ago. Getting wrecked this morning on my way to Edmonton. There were 4 things he preached known as the Four Points of His burning message that birthed an awakening.

They were as follows: Repent from all avivamiennto sin and ask God to cleanse you by His blood. Forgive everyone who has hurt you or come against your life. He preached the importance of being filled and led by The Holy Spirit.

One must become radically obedient to the Holy Spirit.

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He also believed very strong in the importance of public confession of Christ. Evan Roberts is probably the main figure of this revival, but housewives and young girls became evangelists on a mission to spread the fire of the Avivamifnto Revival.

Many of these women were the forerunners of the Welsh Revival and the author, Karen Lowe, writes about the corporate anointing that fell on women during that time. Capel Blaenannerch ger Aberteifi. Where the revival started diwygiad capeli cymru ceredigion celf welshart yagym welshchapels welshrevival – 2 months ago. The glaes is eucharistic, the giving of thanks; the other is intercessory, praying.

That is going on.

The Church everywhere singing and praying and offering praise, and pleading with God. Every meeting is made up almost exclusively of these things. Whence has it come? All over Wales—I am giving you roughly the result of the questioning of fifty or more persons at random in the week—a praying remnant have been agonizing before God about the state of the beloved land, and it is through that the answer of fire has come.


The most extraordinary thing about the meetings which I attended was the extent to which they were absolutely without any human direction or leadership. The meetings open—after any amount of preliminary singing while the congregation is assembling—by the reading of a chapter or a psalm.

Then it is go as you please for two hours or more. And the amazing thing is that it does go and does not get entangled in what might seem to be inevitable confusion. Three-fourths of the meeting consists of singing. No one gives out a hymn. The last person to control the meeting in any way is Mr. People pray and sing, give testimony or exhort as the Spirit moves them. God has not chosen that a galles shall arise. It is quite true. Evan Roberts is no orator, no leader. During the great revivals of Wales and Azusa Street, No subjects or sermons were announced ahead of time, and no special speakers for such an hour.

No one knew what might be coming, what God would do. All was spontaneous, ordered by the Spirit. They wanted to hear from God, through whoever might speak. Songs of the Spirit would spontaneously come forth from the congregation. When it’s the Holy Ghost, it’s going to be spontaneous. Whenever something becomes routine, it becomes boring, it’s not by the Spirit.

The Cwn Annwn or Hounds of the Gaes are sent out by Arawn to collect the wandering souls of those trapped upon the cold and dark mortal plane and unable to cross over the veil.

It’s not so good but I’m sure I’ll be able to doodle better given a few more goes. It’s more of a concept development stage which is why it’s irregular. Two major revival movements were birthed on this special day in history several hundred years apart.

For the past 5 years, every Oct. I encourage you too wherever you are to grab some friends and join us by doing a worship encounter night together on October 31st and tapping into the deep wells of revival. After a good iron and a smooth out these were just a joy to send out. Shortly some wonderful influence came over me.

My bosom galed all through, and galrs it not been that I prayed, I would have burst. What boiled in my bosom? It was awful on me for about two minutes. Then I was filled with sympathy for the people who will have to bend in judgement day, and I wept. Afterwards, the salvation of souls weighed heavily on me.

Robin Mark – Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean lyrics + Spanish translation (Version #2)

I felt on fire for going through the whole of Wales to tell the people about the Saviour. Wales we had no idea how beautiful you are! His life is a testimony of the power of prayer to birth revival and change the world. A avivamientp in the eyes of the world and a child and don before the Father. Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival. Reading and praying for revival times to come again herelord nowlord – 4 months ago.


It is not surprising that the Zo people, the Mizo, would be Israel as they were found by Welsh missionaries in Evan Roberts trusted God and revival came to Wales. It was so good! Such a talented group.

Visited and prayed at Moriah Chapel today, the site where the Welsh Revival of began! God used an ordinary man called Evan Roberts to to extraordinary things in spreading the flames of revival. Overpeople became Christians during his ministry and the influence of what happened spread across the globe. Here’s an extract from the Moriah Chapel website shedding some more light Several people would be praying at the same time; for their friends, parents or children.

Some would be singing; others telling people about the joy they now experienced. The chapels were filled to capacity and avivaimento were crowds of people avivaniento the agivamiento outside. Yet there was no disorder in the meetings. The presence of the Holy Spirit in df meeting did not depend on Evan Roberts being there. The Holy Spirit descended even in places which Evan did not visit.

The Revival spread like wildfire from place to place all over the country where people had been praying that such a thing would happen.

One of the most intriguing stories of the Welsh Revival is that of a completely unknown woman who was a farmer’s wife from North Wales who became a revivalist overnight as a result of a powerful encounter with God arising out of personal desperation of many years’ of seeking.

The story of Mary Jones has tended to be ignored in history of the Revival because of some of the supernatural galees which came to be associated with her ministry, which some blew out of all proportion, until the manifestations became more of a focal point than the personal transformations many underwent as they encountered Christ through her work.

Sadly, she is still better known today for the ‘Egryn Lights’ than people being touched by God in her services. Another well known evangelist that was known to have supernatural lights in his meetings was William Branham. To hear more about her go to my Facebook page and read the whole story welshrevival – 5 months ago.

The Welsh Revival had such a impact not just on the people but even the animals were revived coal miners had to retrain there mules and donkey new commands because they were so use to hearing commands with profanity and cursing. Revival WelshRevival – vaivamiento months ago.

The revival meetings were extraordinary; some people would be crying for joy; others crying for sorrow over their sin. Thousands of people were saved. Public houses became almost empty. Men and ce who used to waste their money getting drunk were now saving it and giving it to the church.

They were using their money to buy clothes and food for their families.