In general, railroad track is consists of rail, rail joint, railroad tie and Non- ballasted track, also called ballastless track, is the railway track. The technical concept of a railway track consisting of ballast, sleepers, and rails is very old and has stood the test of time. Such a system is simple and can be. When the new high speed line Nüremberg-Ingolstadt is opened for service in , more than km of ballastless track will be in operation in Germany.

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There is no doubt that non-ballasted track is the advanced track technology in the world.

Ballastless Tracks – Product Overview

A layer of gravel was laid between ground and railway sleeper to form the track bed. But for a slab track S.

This has significa cost benefits. The values give information about the scatter of resilient support. In Figure 17, the variation coefficient of static rail deflection for the same S. Views Read Edit View history. When used in stations, ballastless tracks are easier to clean. As ballastlwss all know, ballasted track and non-ballasted track are two typical kind of railway track.

Innovative structures have to be structurally designed and tested intensively in the laboratory before they undergo trials. This is dangerous for passengers. In many cases, a maintenance-free track system is indeed the more cost-effective solution over the long run. Non-ballasted track, also called ballastless track, is the railway track whose bed is composed of concrete and bituminous mixture, etc.


Ballastless track – Wikipedia

A reduction of investment costs deems possible by use of a frame-shaped slab track. In the event of major settling that exceeds the ability of the fastenings to adapt, the system lets you replace the affected modules and then relevel.

This technology can be applied on a uniform basis ballastleds embankments, bridges, and tunnels. For its use on the high-speed link between Beijing and Shanghai, slabs were installed.

The ballastless track has found applications in many areas, as detailed in Table Railroad track is also known as track or railway track. Essential for this structure is an accurately paved concrete slab.

Ballastless Tracks | Rubber components for railway industryREX Articoli Tecnici SA

Advantages High attenuation of vibrations: Frame shaped slab track development in Korea. You can get more information, and find out how to change your settings, in our Cookies Policy. Raileay maintenance beyond rail replacement is required only after several decades.

The general problem that occurs with ballasted tracks is that the ballast material slowly deteriorates due to the load of the traffic. The advantages of a ballastless track over a traditional superstructure are its highly consistent track geometry, its longer life span, and the reduced need for maintenance. The primary disadvantage of a ballastless track is its significantly higher cost of initial construction.

Due to rzilway shorter slabs and its bituminous sub-base, the system can adapt to ground settling without suffering irreversible damage to the prefabricated components. Ballastless or slab track design.


An advantage of systems with anchoring devices for the sleepers Figure 6 is an easy reconstruction of sleepers in the case ralway derailment or deterioration. Ballastless concrete slab tracks of different design are in revenue service for more than thirty years. All of its components can be exchanged individually. The system is articulated around prefabricated concrete slabs, each of which contains two pairs of prefabricated gallastless with premounted elastic fastening.

Due to the rigid structure of S. Ballastless tracks can be built on either asphalt or concrete supporting layers. Hence for a S. This enables the railway to exploit the special advantages of the slab track structure in a much better way.

The experience in Germany and other countries has been that the conventional track may be used for speeds of up. As the foundation of whole railway track system, railroad track provides a plat for train. BTE slab track Of Zublin; discrete rail seats on a continuously reinforced slab with ground surface. The restoration of the Berlin MRT system the S-Bahn enabled gaining of extensive valuable insights into the structural engineering of such track systems.

However, grack tracks are provided in the case of underground railways due to other considerations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This website uses cookies nallastless improve your experience.