“Equally at home with the classical Graeco-Roman world and that of the prehistoric European Iron Age, Professor Aldhouse-Green is well equipped to do justice. Boudica Britannia has 17 ratings and 2 reviews. Simon said: This is the most thought provoking book I have ever read on the subject of Boudica’s rebellio. Boudica and beyond. Folklore needs folk heroes, and Britannia delivers. Its main characters include the warrior queen Antedia (Zoë.

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Butterworth, with his psychedelic, spooky, sex-obsessed Britons, is not the first to try to fill it, nor will he be the last. The Roman Army in Britain. Karyssa rated it liked it Dec 05, Boudica led a very large army of Iceni, Trinovantes, and others to defeat boudic detachment of Legio IX Hispanaand they burned and destroyed Londinium and Verulamium.

They were proud of their independence, and had revolted in AD 47 when the then Roman governor Publius Ostorius Scapula planned to disarm all the peoples in the area britqnnia Britain under Roman control following a number of local uprisings. There is plenty of room for more.

By depicting the Britons as decidedly outlandish, if not a touch freakish, Butterworth has also developed a Roman literary trope — one rather undercut by recent archaeological evidence that suggests, at least in south-east Britain, a people strongly influenced by and connected to Roman Gaul, with elites enjoying Roman wine and Mediterranean figs.

The immediate cause of the rebellion was gross mistreatment by the Romans. Brexit has exposed the differences between the Scots and the English Meantime, just over the Channel on the northern shore of Gaul, a Roman general is on the brink bkudica invading Britain, surveying a bunch of foot soldiers who have expressed, let us say, reservations about crossing a reputedly giant-squid-filled ocean to take arms against a barbarous, terrifying land full of magic and human sacrifice.

Views Read Edit View history. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. The ensuing clash is one of the most important – and dramatic – events in the history of Britain, standing testament to what can happen when an insensitive colonial power meets determined resistance from a subjugated people head-on. Collene marked it as to-read Mar 11, Books by Miranda Aldhouse-Green. AlbansSuetonius regrouped his forces. Dio says that, even if they were lined up one deep, they would not have extended the length of Boudica’s line.


Scottish Government will work “to protect Scotland’s place at the heart of Europe” She is considered a Britannja folk hero. The name “Battle Bridge” led to a tradition that this was the site of a major battle between the Bouxica and the Iceni tribe led by Boudica.

Nicole Evelina marked it as to-read Apr 29, Pedro rated it really liked it Sep 25, Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. In this fascinating account of a legendary figure, Miranda Aldhouse-Green raises questions about female power, colonial oppression, and whether Boudica would be seen today as a freedom fighter, terrorist or martyr. Roman Britain Television Sky Atlantic features. From Caesar to the Normans. The statue was unveiled by David Lloyd George on 27 October Hannah marked it as to-read Oct 19, The archelogical record together with the written sources are examined to reveal not just the story of the rebellion that nearly put paid to the Roman occupation of Britain, but also This is boidica most thought provoking book I have ever read on the subject of Boudica’s rebellion against bfitannia forces of Rome.

Archaeologists have shown that the city was methodically demolished. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Crummy and his team dug a little deeper and uncovered what is known as the Fenwick Treasure. He then left and went back to Rome, having spent no less than 16 days in Britain. For the cruise ship, see MV Boudicca.

Boudica Britannia

Deb marked it as to-read Feb 25, Well written and well beitannia, Boudica Britannia is a brilliant exposition of Britian’s mysterious warrier queen.

Three people stabbed at Manchester Victoria station. Lists with This Book. Init was suggested that the Iceni were returning to East Anglia along the Icknield Way when they encountered the Roman army in the vicinity of Arbury Banks, Hertfordshire. Order by Oldest first Newest first Highest scored Lowest scored.


Michele marked it as to-read Apr 04, It was in the Victorian era that Boudica’s fame took on legendary proportions as Queen Victoria came to be seen as Boudica’s “namesake”, their names being identical in meaning. When Roman troops threatened to seize the wealth of the Iceni people, their queen, Boudica, retaliated by inciting a major uprising, allying her tribe with the neighbouring Trinovantes.

Boudica Britannia by Miranda Aldhouse-Green

Lawrence Fredericks britanniw it as to-read Aug 17, Archived from the original on 10 March We have, too, the writings of ordinary Roman officers, vivid snatches of real life in the form of letters and memos preserved from the late first century AD in the mud of northern England the famous Vindolanda tablets, discovered in the s and s. Buddug has yet to be conclusively identified within the canon of bditannia Welsh literature and she is not apparent in the Historia Brittonumthe Mabinogion or Geoffrey of Monmouth ‘s History of the Kings of Britain.

The great anti-imperialist rebel was now identified with the head of the British Empireand her statue [54] stood guard over the city she razed to the ground. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Retrieved 8 December Jackie rated it it was amazing Oct 18, One such author, Julius Caesar, was writing from first-hand experience, though doubtless not without spin and certainly with prejudice. Just as important for the writer, there are innumerable gaps in our knowledge — and that is the void into which the imagination of a writer may flow.

Meghan rated it it was amazing May 13, Boudica and her army razed the town, setting fire to it and slaughtering all within.

Miranda Aldhouse Green does not look at the event in isolation, but places it within the context of the greater Roman world with its politics and its cultural and religeous beliefs and practices. Boudica has been known by several versions of her name.