View and Download CANON POWERSHOT A IS user manual online. POWERSHOT A IS Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Canon Powershot A IS user manual online. Canon Powershot A IS: User Guide. Powershot A IS Digital Camera pdf manual. Canon Powershot A IS: Software User Guide. Powershot A IS Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Powershot sd is, Powershot sx is, .

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Ensure that you read pwoershot. Read them as necessary. The screen shots and procedures may appear slightly different if you are using another version of Windows.

Word Searches This document is provided as an Adobe Reader document. Images from Wallpaper Movies p. Printing a Single Image on a Single Page Changing Mnaual Names in Batches Download window, which opens when a camera is connected. CameraWindow View of camera images You can download all or a selection of images from the connected camera.

Powershoot closes and the screen changes after the images are downloaded from the camera. Organizing window for downloaded images. Main Window Double-click this icon on the desktop. You can also display it by double-clicking the ZoomBrowser EX icon on the desktop.

The major steps for the task appear here. Follow the steps in order. You can return to a previous step. An overview for the selected task appears here. Cancels the procedure and returns to the previous window.

The images will start to download. When you click [OK] in the dialog that indicates the transfer is complete, the downloaded images will display in the Main Window.

canoh You can select the newly downloaded images by their shooting dates or My Category select models only classification. These are virtual folders. If this happens, please use a memory card reader to download. To change the destination folder, select [Operate using this computer] in CameraWindow, then click the button shown on the right, and select a folder.

Downloading from powersht Memory Card Reader An action selection window will open when you insert a memory card into the memory card reader.


Use this window to perform the downloading procedures. Downloads all images that have not yet been downloaded. Allows you to select and download images. Configures the download folder and other settings.

Select Images] is chosen and select images for printing. Printer and Layout Settings] and set the categories as desired. Sets the printer, paper Click here to crop and print a portion of an image. Click here to insert text xanon an image and print. Sets the printer and Rotates selected Click here to crop a paper size settings.


Canon PowerShot A IS & A IS: Digital Photography Review

Select an image to rotate or trim. Sets the number of Configures the printing of the shooting information, rows or columns. Closes this window and opens a camera image browser window that lets you select and download images. When you lowershot an image from the Thumbnail Window, the image displays in the View Window on the right. Configures settings such as manyal Aligns the windows. Switches between Configures the name window display modes.

Thumbnail Window View Window Uploads computer images to the camera. Search Delete Performs searches on images. Deletes the selected images or folders. Change the Folder Level Change the Display Size The level of folder displayed can be changed with the You can change the following procedures.

Change the display magnification. Zooming in displays the Navigator window Display the shooting information. You can configure the information display by clicking the [Tools] menu and selecting [Preferences]. Display multiple images side by side. Shooting Display at full information screen size.

Set the Star Rating. Click this button to display the converted image in the Viewer Window. Clicking this button extracts still images from the movie. To preserve the original image intact, change the file name when saving the edited image. Images can also be edited in a similar way by clicking the [Edit] button in the Viewer Window. Red Eye Correction Restores eye appearance to the original color when light reflected from the flash makes them appear red.

Procedures [Edit] and [Edit Image]. RGB Adjustment Select an image. Adjusting Sharpness—Emphasizing Outlines Makes images appear sharper by emphasizing the outlines of subjects, such as people and objects.

Select Editing Tool] [Trim] [3. Adding Sound Procedures Select an image. You can create wide panoramic images by moving the camera slightly when recording a series ccanon images and merging them into one image.

Procedures [Edit] and [Stitch Photos]. Use the PhotoStitch program to create panoramic images. Some camera models may not feature the Stitch Assist mode.

Canon Powershot A650 IS User Manual

Editing Movies You can create original movies by linking movie clips and still images. You can even add titles and other text, background music and various special effects to the movie. Procedures [Edit] and [Edit Movie]. Image type suited for pasting Image type retaining Procedures into word processing documents the detailed image and general programs, and for data from the initial sending by email. Procedures [Export] and [Export Still Images].


You can extract and save stills from your favourite frames recorded in a movie. Extract your best shots as stills Exporting Shooting Information You can export the shooting information recorded with an image, such as canoj shutter speed and exposure, as a text file.

Procedures [Export] and [Export Shooting Properties]. Ascertain the causes of failed photos or compare the settings for several images. Procedures [Export] and [Export as a Screen Saver]. Creating Computer Wallpaper Images You can export images to serve as canoon wallpaper images.

Procedures [Export] and [Export as a Wallpaper]. Back up important images or distribute your vacation photos on discs. Procedures You can id the image size and quality settings. Powershhot can freely configure the Procedures transition effects, information displayed and display time settings.

Procedures Switch to [Preview Mode]. Searching Images You can search images using parameters extracted from the information associated with them. Use caution in deleting powershpt from this folder. Sorting Images You can sort images in the Browser Area based on the specified parameters. Procedures Select an image. In ZoomBrowser EX, it is easy to compare images so that minute differences can be detected. Procedures Select several images to compare.

Select the Viewer Window. The results cannot be guaranteed if the computer enters the standby mode while remote shooting. Releases the camera shutter you to an image. Turns the viewfinder display on or off. Resets the exposure, focus and white balance settings. Sets the shooting settings. Click the [Shooting] menu in the remote shooting window and select [Interval Timer Shooting]. Short intervals may be insufficient for image transmission and saving, resulting in the failure to capture images at the specified interval.

Timer Shooting This method captures a single image after a set number of seconds. Click the [Shooting] menu in the remote shooting window and select [Timer shooting]. The timer interval settings range from 2 seconds to 30 seconds. Click the [Camera] menu in the remote shooting window and select [Camera Display Settings]. You can register your own custom images and sounds as the My Camera Settings.