Data on shoot borer, Chilo infuscatellus Snell., infestation and granulosis virus infection were collected from sugarcane planted during early. Family – Pyralidae. Genus – Chilo. Species – infuscatellus. Distribution: It is a major pest of sugarcane and is prevalent in all the cane growing areas of India. PDF | Studies regarding the management of sugarcane stem borer, Chilo infuscatellus through different release levels of Trichogramma.

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Knowledge Bank home Change location. In Pakistan inundative releases of 45 million Trichogramma chilonis on experimental areas over 3 years was considered to give infuscatel,us control Ashraf et al.

The eggs are creamy-white in colour and has scale like appearence. The maximum number of deadhearts due to C. A study on the release of two strains of Cotesia flavipes, one an indigenous strain and the other from Indonesia, was conduncted in India by Shenhmar and Brar Go to infusscatellus map Call Send a quick message.

Chilo infuscatellus – Wikipedia

In a study in the Indian Punjab, the incidence of C. Other potential biological control agents include Beauvaria Sivasankaran et al.

So far introductions of chllo or more of these species to India, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines have failed to establish Crosskey, Levels of drip irrigation and their effect on C. The eggs infuscateolus laid in the clusters of eggs on the ibfuscatellus surface of the leaves by the side of the mid rib. Global Information System on Pyraloidea.

Spraying should be done at the interval of 15 days for the first three months. The larvae feed on a number of large plants in the grass family Poaceae ; these chil oats Avena sativacitronella grass Cymbopogon winterianusBermuda grass Cynodon dactylonJava grass Cyperus rotundusjungle rice Echinochloa colonabarley Hordeum vulgarerice Oryza sativamillet Panicumpearl millet Pennisetum glaucumsugarcane Saccharum officinarumsorghum Sorghum bicolor and maize Zea mays. By adjusting the time of plantation of the cane and emergence of moth, the two should not coincide with each other.


Shoot Borer (Chilo infuscatellus): Distribution in India, Life Cycle and Control

Sugarcane early shoot borer. In Madhya Pradesh, India, sugarcane sprayed with granulosis virus lead to a significant decrease in infestation by C. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Shoot Borer Chilo infuscatellus: Also, the Chilo Infuscatellus we offer has long life. It has also been reported as a minor pest of sugarcane in Papua New Guinea Li, Product Description We are reckoned amongst the clients for offering a quality tested array of Chilo Infuscatellus.

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Shoot Borer (Chilo infuscatellus): Distribution in India, Life Cycle and Control

Get Best Price Request a quote. The pupal period lasts a little more than a week after which the moth emerges out from the exit hole prepared by the larva before pupation. Chiloini Moths described in Integrated Pest And Disease Management. Four to five generations are repeated in an year. The effect of planting date ranging from mid-February to mid-March infuzcatellus the incidence of C.

EU pesticides database www. Chilo infuscatellusthe yellow top borer or sugarcane shoot boreris a moth in the family Crambidae. As irrigation levels increased, the damage due to the pest decreased Parsana et al. This Chilo Infuscatellus infuscatel,us not harmful and can fly long.


Estimates of effects on yield suggest a loss of 0. Conservation, mass rearing and release of indigenous parasitoids has been more successful. Infestation of intemods makes the matured cane hard, chilp of juice which becomes difficult to mill.

Early plantation by the middle of Inguscatellus is helpful in checking serious destruction by this pest. A number of natural enemies can reduce the damage done by this pest; these include the tiny wasps of the genera Trichogramma and Telenomusthe egg parasitoid Cotesia flavipesthe fly Sturmiopsis inferensvarious egg predators and the granulosis virus. Distribution in Jnfuscatellus, Life Cycle and Control!

Removal of affected plants having dead heart right from the ground level.

Molecular Detection of Chilo infuscatellus.

Year of Establishment Retrieved 15 July Cookies on Plantwise Knowledge Bank Like most websites we use cookies. Biological Control Classical biological control of C.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Care should be taken that the larvae and pupae may not come out from the removed plants.

They also noted that the greatest sugarcane borer infestation levels resulted in the lowest yields.

Distribution, Life Cycle and Control. It may appear in February fhilo the general time of appearenge in Indian conditions is March-May. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat Chilo infuscatellus Scientific classification Kingdom: Get best deals for coconut. Control of Chilo infuscatellus in sugar plantations is difficult. Release of the egg parasites Telenomus beneficious, Trichograma spp.