38 likes. Halaman facebook CPNS KESDM adalah sarana bagi kita semua yang diterima sebagai CPNS di lingkungan KESDM tahun penerimaan. Buat disclaimer saja, saat ini gue termasuk salah satu dari sekitar an CPNS di Kementerian ESDM yang ikut tes CPNS dan masuk mulai April Read all of the posts by monraphita on pojok monicantik: my corner to be free.

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When I met him, I just told him I wanted to get married first which is still a huge mystery about who I am getting married to haha. Well, maybe it is not necessarily our song, but a song we both know by heart.

esdmm Oh, our class was awesome too. Well, I was wrong. Laporan Kebencanaan Geologi 26 Desember Oh untuk tips aja, meski nggak disuruh, ada baiknya juga bikin NPWP sekalian.

monraphita | pojok monicantik : my corner to be free | Page 3

Isabella Hutahaean TK93 and Mr. Beberapa bulan terakhir sepulang dari tamasya di pantai kulit gue gosooonnnng.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Even on trips, I miss my dog so much. Tetap semangat…dan nggak ada salahnya tetep rajin ngecek portal resmi. It was a bit intimidating at first since most of the people going there were very experienced with years of experience, compared to the newbie I am with only one year of experience. Data ssdm Informasi Sumber Daya Geologi. Padma Hotel Bandung, December You stood up for his faults in front of your loved ones. Kali ini gue kembali menulis review esddm kecantikan yah, kali ini sabun batang pemutih keluaran Filipina, Kojie San.


We had really insightful conversations. I was assigned to go to Paris for the World Gas Conference And after a few encouraging input from some of my blog readers, well. Ya sesuai nama tesnya aja lah ya, ini tes kemampuan bidang. I remember being too freaked out to actually touch it.

These seats are strategically and frustratingly the perfect example of so-close-yet-so-far. Kalau memang pas pemanggilan ulang buat ngisi peserta yang mengundurkan diri, nama lo tetep nggak ada, ya apa mau dikata ya mungkin memang belum jodoh.

No reservation at a restaurant, no movie to see, or friends to meet. Before departing with the ESDM group, we had the chance to hang out a bit. Nah selang 2 minggu setelah diumumin udah harus daftar ulang dengan bawa berkas-berkas seperti SKCK, hasil Medical Check Up surat keterangan sehat jasmani dan rohani yang harus dibuat di rumah sakit atau unit ezdm kesehatan milik pemerintahsurat bebas napza, kartu kuning, dan lainnya.

No wonder this ritual is linked to the Sacrament of Confession. We went to the Eiffel Tower and ate churros locally called Chi-Chis and had some hot cocoa by the Seine.

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I was the only girl in the group and I had heels on not wedges, sigh. Luckily our class is still close thanks to our occasionally active Whatsapp group and get togethers.

But there is a fine line between being loving and being blinded. Tapi overall, menurut gue enak sih pake softlens, okelah untuk ke kawinan atau mau jalan-jalan cantik pas weekend.

There were 2 nuns assisting on my left and on my right, holding me to stay on my feet and guided me in to the water. The rule of thumb of zero expectations was also applied. After a few seconds, the young nuns on my side gently pulled me out and guided me out of the water. Jadi kudu kita yang proaktif ngecek terus bro. But honey, you have no power to change a man. We went to the Eiffel Tower and ate churros locally called Chi-Chis and had some hot cocoa by cns Seine.


I got to Vienna dpns night which meant another night of sleep deprivation. And receiving that assignment, I made a mental note of things I had to prepare for that trip like: Ccpns the guys in our unit, I also got cns great group of friends from the initial new recruit training in Cepu.

Pada saat masa-masa seleksi tersebut, gue pun mengubek-ubek Google, mencari blog, buka-buka forum untuk mencari info yang komprehensif tentang CPNS, terutama untuk Kementerian ESDM karena CPNS untuk setiap kementerian dan lembaga itu cukup variatif ya tahapan dan timelinenya. Kalau gue tipe yang belajar tidur belajar tidur. But I decided to turn that into a challenge and just be the wide eyed kid eagerly learning about everything.

I was assigned to go to Paris for the World Gas Conference Well to start things off, at that time I did not have a service passport. Thank God the whole trip went well.

I was scared my father would be disappointed, but thank God, to my surprise my decision did not 20113 him.