These scripts are provided free of charge for the benefit of DOORS users. You may copy, modify or distribute any of these scripts as you wish, but please leave. The purpose of this series is to take a relatively simple script and add on to it and make it robust, providing a great DXL tutorial in the process. If someone in your company has already written some scripts in DXL, use them as reference. I had no formal training, the manual and some scripts were the only .

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Am I not looking in the right place, or have you given up on this? Thank you so much for this one!!! If the answer solves your problem, you may accept it as solution green check mark.

Use of DXL Scripts

Finally we may output a report to Microsoft Excel. I did turn filtering off in case there is a filter applied. Before we apply it, we have to define it. It is failing every time it encounters the missing file view. scriptting

In a small example like this, it hardly matters, scriptibg in a larger program it becomes difficult to find all the places where a constant is referred to. We can look at every single object in the module one-by-one, or we can apply a filter.

The database contains modules. Is there any method to avoid this problem such as if read fails continue with next iteration. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The purpose of this series is to take a relatively simple script and add on to it and make it robust, providing a great DXL tutorial wcripting the process. Does DXL accept recursive functions?


Getting Started with DXL

Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. George June 1, Just joined! I declared integer variables for the number of objects accepted and rejected by the filter.

Look up either of those functions: Ack is equivalent to msgBox for you VB programmers out there. This is a special kind of loop in DXL, with the meaning ‘for all the whatever-they-are’s in this-data-structure, do the following’.

How to create a small program in DXL doors extensive language? The retrieval is specified by the ‘. I thought I explained this well, but apparently I did not. It depends on what you are trying to do.

And filters can be recreated. An ack box is generally better to use than a print statement in DXL. Here are my questions: This is very useful as it allows you to combine filtering with searching, but it can also lead to wrong programs if you don’t think out what you want.

Is everyone with me so far? Once we set the filter, if any objects are returned, they should all have an incoming link, because that is what the filter is set for.

Baselines, Inc. DXL Tutorial – Part I – Baselines, Inc.

Are you sure that anItem is a module? I know from prior use that it is whatever is saved in an attribute, but I want to hear it from you. So I wrote a simple function to accomplish the task.


The good news is a client of mine wants me to develop some DXL training and has told me that I can use anything I develop for them for Baselines.

I have trained myself to put spaces after parenthesis for readability. Why am I getting an error on a print statement? Or are you aware of any addin scripts that already do this? The next command in the loop tests to see if the retrieved value, a string, is exactly equal to the string ‘Requirement’. Salas Log in to Reply. Now we just need to set the filter and turn filtering on and see what we get.

Reason for the question has to do with filter off, and setting it to something else. I do not know why?

Getting Started with DXL

It passes the variables iAcc and iRej by reference, so that both iAcc and iRej are updated with the results. For a small program, it is efficient just to write and test the code to get it working in normal situations, and then to add features like pre-flight checks to help it behave properly if the context is wrong. I did not mean that all objects in the module should have an incoming link; rather I meant all filtered objects should have at least one incoming link.

Mike Develle September 28, Thanks … keep those tutorials coming!