Strategy Guide for Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate De(Aselia the Eternal – The Spirit of Eternity Sword) originally posted by 永遠のアセリア (Eien no Aselia, Aselia the Eternal). August 27, ·. A useful walkthrough for those who are having a hard time. (Note: contains spoilers so. Think you’re an expert in Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword -? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into.

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Eien No Aselia Guide.

Post on Nov 1. Its information is based on multiple Japanese guides wien well as walktbrough own experimentation. It is meant to be included together with the said patch, please do not post it on walkthriugh other sites without permission. If you find an error in this guide, please drop a note on the forums at http: The guide will be updated if need arises, for latest revision check the forums linked above.

The guide will tell you the results of all choices in the games adventure stages, helping you to get to every possible ending in the game and, hopefully to every scene as well. However it will not give you much advice on how to beat the games strategy stages. Information regarding the strategy stages will mostly be limited to the results you can get based on your success and tracking important events like dragon, trainer and engineer appearances along their location information.

Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- Guide and Walkthrough – Giant Bomb

Original mission titles in Japanese are also listed to make it possible to refer to Japanese guides. An Eien no Aselia – the Map of Phantasmagoria image is included ni with the patch, which you can use as a reference to find the locations named in this guide. Main goal of this guide is to help you achieve the games endings with ease.

We tried to write it as spoiler free as a guide can be, but you are warned, proceed at your own risk. Important details in this guide are color coded for tracking them easily. The guides first section, Introduction will give you information required to understand how to use this guide and how the games mechanics work in deciding the routes. The Love and Branching sections should give you enough understanding and information to get your desired route by yourself without needing to check every detail on the way.

It is followed by an in-dept walkthrough for those who wish for more concrete assistance note that you need to understand the aforementioned sectors in either case to achieve the desired results.

After that you will find the extras section that covers all kinds of details about the wxlkthrough with bonuses like elen games song lyrics and an Asrlia section.

Lines with underlines are links, use them for quick access. This guide is best viewed at Word or equivalent with the Chaucer and Century Gothic fonts installed, in which case it should look like this: Destroy the unidentified enemy spirits lurking in Laus Mission 2: Pursue the enemies, and drive them out of Rakios territory Mission 3: Capture Rizario and Rimodoa Mission 5: Annihilate the enemies coming from the Samodoa Mountains Mission 6: Capture the capital of the Barnlyte Kingdom Mission 7: Capture Kemuseraut and HiemunaMission 8: Fight for the control of the Grand Duchy of Datsi Mission 9: Liberate Ispelia Mission Capture Akirice Mission Capture Sardbart Mission Advance on the Heliya Road and capture Slegid Mission Defend Ransa Mission Invade Slegid and dispel the mana barrier Mission Capture the capital of Malorigan Mission Infiltrate Risoka and obtain the research data Mission Rescue Esperia Extra Mission Orpha: Annihilate the Soma Corps Mission Bypass the Wall of Order Mission Reach the Sargios Imperial Capital Mission Defend Rakios from the invading enemies Mission Drive the Law Eternals from Phantasmagoria Mission Additionally, there is a bonus ending scene that you unlock after seeing all seven good endings.


LoveIn Eien no Aselia, Love is used as a statistic that defines how much a heroine likes the protagonist Yuuto. Aside from making choices that would lead to scenes featuring a heroine you decided to focus on, you accumulate the Love Points chiefly by fighting together with that heroine.

For getting one of these girls routes, generally speaking just choose their respective options in script even though not all are necessary for the route, they add to the routes as well as include CGs you might otherwise miss and get enough Love Points by fighting together with them, while doing the opposite for the other two spirits. Unlike the Mind Points of a character, which can be seen from many windows, heroines accumulated Love Points are not displayed.

But there is one place where you can estimate your progress. Heroines Love towards Yuuto is indicated in six stages by the changes of their portraits in their battle status screen. You can notice their faces starting uninterested or cold; and later as their Love increases, changing to a smile, blush etc. MindIn Eien no Aselia, Mind is used as a statistic that defines a characters mental stability and morale. Your choices in the adventure stages affects characters Minds as well, but the major changes to them come in the strategy stages.

Mind management becomes increasingly crucial at higher levels and difficulties, so its good to understand what affects it.

Aside from their relevance to the ending that you are going to get, Mind also affects a walkthrouvh skills. The most basic factor is the Mind Effect value of used skills: You should keep a close eye on the Mind modifier of new skills when considering their usefulness, since you may be stuck with them for a long time.

Please note that this is only something you can do to your characters, there are no enemy awelia that lower your Mind. List of factors in the strategy stages that effect characters Mind scores: BranchingBelow you will find detailed information about how you can reach the endings of each of the games heroines.

The conditions you need to satisfy and when the route you are in is decided, we call these decisive moments branching points. The game has two branching points. At this first branching point youll see a specific event. For the most part, you can easily tell which ending you are headed for just by the heroine that this event features. Defeat Shun and rescue Kaori This branching point only matters on subsequent playthroughs, and only for Kyouko and Tokimi. If conditions for getting the endings of multiple heroines are achieved at the same time, you get the ending for the heroine with higher priority.


The priority chart is as follows: Esperia GreenspiritYou need to avoid triggering Aselia route. In Chapter II, during the adventure stage after Mission Capture Sardbart, you need to pick the choice Sure, I’ll come and see rien Hakute event.

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Capture Sardbart, you need to pick the choice Lesteena at Kaoris question. Prepare for the war with the Malorigan Republic, you need to pick the choice I will cooperate until the end. Defend Ransa, you walkthroughh to pick the choice I’ll head to town. On subsequent playthroughs, you must avoid picking at least one of the choices marked with a.


Misaki KyoukoYou must finish the game at least once before. You must pick every choice marked with a andincluding their combinations. Capture the capital of Malorigan, Yuuto must have Mind 90 or higher.

At the second branching point, Kyouko must have Mind 70 or higher after mission completion bonuses. Until the second branching point, all sub-spirits have to survive the battle stages.

Kurahashi TokimiYou must finish the game at least once before. Capture the capital of Malorigan, Yuuto must have Mind 90 or more. At the second branching point, Kyouko must have Mind 69 or less after mission completion bonuses. Bad’ EndThis is the ending you get if you miss all routes by failing one or more requirements for each. A bad ending will not grant you a clear save. Meaning that you wont be able to play with your currently leveled characters again and it will not unlock the Kyouko and Tokimi routes.

Bonus’ EndingAfter seeing all seven of the good endings, youll also get an additional bonus ending scene.

Prologue – Girl with the White WingsBack to top Gameplay on Eien no Aselia is divided into two types of stages; the adventure stages where you engage in dialogue with the games other characters, and strategy stages where you engage in combat with your enemies. System related results of these events will be listed in this guide in tables similar to the one you can see below.

We will not spoil their story related results if we can avoid it.

Choices and events “1. Don’t go, for my sake! I’ll go with you! Persuade her to confess. These will be listed in tables in red as you can see below. Most of the missions reward you for completing them faster. Getting high ranks in these missions isnt particularly hard, apart from trying to get SS in your first playthrough, when your characters dont have many skills to act on. Missions original Japanese titles are also displayed at the bottom in case you want to check other sources.

It is recommended to skip briefing dialogues and other scenes that appear in similar fashion during mission stages with the left mouse button and not the enter buttons on your keyboard. Aseila is known to often randomly skip multiple lines of these dialogues otherwise. When you start the game with new characters, until the end of Mission 3: Destroy the Ancient Dragon Sadgaraham, it is a walkthrogh idea to focus on training Yuuto and Aselia or at the very least, not level Orpha.