video. Topic; Voices; Posts; Freshness. |DOWNLOAD| Barycentre exercices corriges 1ere s pdf ~~. Started by: fqalnab in: Driver Link Training. Barycentres., collection d’exercices sur la relation de Chasles et les . Angles orientés, collection d’exercices sur les angles orientés en Première S. OEF Exercices sur les suites, collection d’exercices sur les suites en 1ere et terminale.

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Graphic derivativerecognize the graph of the derivative of a function. OEF probacollection of exercises on elementary probability. Parametric cuspparametrize a parametric curve so that it has a cusp.

Graphic ODEgraphically recognize solution of a linear ordinary differential equation. Partial equationfill-in an equation to make it correct, drag-and-drop style exercises.

Deductio inequalities 0exercises of interactive deduction on inequalities, basic deductions. OEF vectors 3Dcollection of exercises on 3D vectors. Animated sequencesanimated plot of a sequence series of functions.

SQRT shootlocate square, cubic, OEF vector spacescollection of exercises on vector spaces. Coincidence-Polynomialfind a polynomial according to its curve. Linkwordsexercises on linkwords for 1rre, contrast, cause, consequence. OEF Taylorcollection of exercises on Taylor expansions of real functions. OEF fractions bzrycentre, collection of exercises on fractions. Complex shootlocate a complex number by clicking on the complex plane.


Rotation shootclick on the center of a rotation 2D.

OEF physical integralcollection of exercises on physical applications of definite integrals of one variable. Elliptic billiardsbouncing baryecntre a billiard table of elliptic form.

Prog sum of integersprogramming exercises on summing a list of integers. Primitive drawgiven the graph of a function, draw that of an anti-derivative. OEF arccoscollection of exercises on inverse trigonometric functions. Deductio boundsexercises of interactive deduction on upper and lower bounds of functions. OEF vectors 2Dcollection of exercises on 2D vectors.

Coincidence Transformationtransform a given 2D shape into another given one. Accordancefind a polynomial according to its values. Graphical convergencedetermine the limit of a recursive sequence according to the graph of the function. OEF integrales with parameterscollection of exercices on integrals depending on a parameter Hamming complementFind a maximum of binary words respecting a given Hamming distance. Reflaxisfind the axis of a reflection given by matrix, or vice versa.

Lintersectfind the intersection of 2 lines, 2 planes, braycentre and plane, etc. Parafocus shootingshoot at the focus in the picture of a parabola OEF Entropycollection of exercises on entropy. Pathfindlink points by a shortest path. Graphic inverserecognize the graph of an inverse function. Polynomial ordercomputes the order of an irreducible polynomial over a finite field F p. Joint IIparametrize a function to make it continue or differentiable on 2 points.

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Tangent parametersfind the curve having a given tangent. OEF boundscollection of exercises on bounds and boundedness of sets of real numbers. Epsilonon the definition of continuity: Factorisfactors integers and polynomials.


Syntax of mathematical expressionshow to read, to write or to draw an expression. Additive figuresplace numbers in geometric figures according to conditions on sums. Fourier developmentgraphical search of Fourier development of a function. Deductio simple inequalitiesexercises of interactive deduction on inequalities, simple formulas. barycfntre

WIMS: WWW Interactive Multipurpose Server

Matrix dialogask questions to get information in order to solve problems on matrices. Genspacedoes a given set of vectors generate the whole vector space?. Parametric pointsplots a parametric curve with moving point. Triangular shootclick on one of the centers of a triangle. Polynomial sweepgraphs and roots of a polynomial, with animated deformation. OEF gcdcollection of exercises on gcd and lcm of integers.

OEF geometric integralcollection of exercises on geometric applications of definite integrals of one variable.

Segfracsplit a fraction into sum of fractions with smaller denominators. Limited derivativesfind the bound of a function having bounded derivative.