Ostfront is H&S GAMES newest tactical infantry print-and-play project. Or, you may chuck the primary combat engine for an alternative “buckets” of dice combat . My question is for those who have bought the recently released FOW Mid War book on the Eastern Front. I have Ost Front, but I am considering. United States Armed Forces for Ostfront – Ostfront – United States Armed Forces This book covers the vehicles and forces of the United States in.

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[TMP] “FOW: Ost Front or East Front MW Intelligencebook?” Topic

All members in good standing are free to post here. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed ostfrobt The Miniatures Page. Back to the Flames of War Message Board.

If you have seen, purchased or possess both, which one do you like better? Is East Front really an improvement over Ost Front? Is it worth it to make the purchase? I just want your perspective on the two MW Eastern Front books. Eastern front changes the point values of some units dramatically.

It can change your army comp so I would get it. Luckily, the gaming store I frequent has a store copy that I could look at before I made my decision.

It’s worth it if you are into tournaments, otherwise, you can live without it. Casual gamer — it’s not bad, if you can get it with a discount do so. I found both the new Africa and Eastern Front books to be quite good and with substantial changes — ffow you only play a US list or Tankovy. Osstfront are also all listed out. In other words, if you are playing Italians in Russia, there is a different list for each type of company, including Alpini.

The same goes for Soviets, there are different lists for regular troops and guard troops. Instead of the way it was in Ostfront, where you would just get less points to build with. The same goes for SS, etc.

It is a much more thorough book and the points can be quite different from Ostfront. I will eventually buy the book, but so far I have played four games with gow from it and I like ostfrnot so far. I have played a point German Panzer company and I was able to field 6xPz4G, 4xpz4E, 4 x pz3Jlate, 4xpz2, and two armor car patrols. I also fielded an Italian Alpine infantry company for a point game and I was quite happy with my sotfront. I also fielded a Soviet Ostfrnot Battalion, this is where the points change a bit.

My advice is, take a look at someone else’s book first and see if you really need it. I will eventually buy the book, but for now I am using a friend’s when I play against a list out of that book. Otherwise I just keep using Ostfront. I understand the difference is about the same. I have not bought the North Afrika biik because nobody around here is playing midwar of anysort at this time.


If I can get a foww going then Owtfront will buy it. The reasons I will buy it is that they have speread the lists across several areas, so it is possible to get lists that are osyfront closer to each other. For instince in the german Sdkfz in afrika only mounted a single barrel 20mm AA mount.

In the old afrioka book you could use the quad mount at any time. So if you are a tournement only player this wont make much difference because you can still take the gear just use the later list. But if you are ostvront to do historical games, then the new book is great.

Also, the points have been changed for some units. An example is that german panzergrenadiers are a good bit cheaper. Of course if you play brits that is not good news. That sort of thing does take a lot of time to figure out. And will never be complete because any points system is artificial. But I think FoW does make a very good try to get it right.

So if you are really into FoW it is a good deal. If you dont play that often, then not so much.

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I dont have it because I dont really play eastern front, but if i did I would get it. We liked it ostffront because it was less ambiguous for variations e.

Soviet Guards have a their own list variants rather than having to twiddle with numbers and nationalities my son liked how Canadians were broken out. I also like the page references to each option. I wouldn’t call it a necessity, but it’s a nice to have. If you’re after something else specific, it can wait.

I admit that Guards Strelk have a warm place in my heart so to speak. DO they still allow them to take 9 X 82mm mortars of justifiable commie vengeance TM?

Battle of the Korsun–Cherkassy Pocket – Wikipedia

As for Afrika, well Iplay a US Rifles list and that has not really changed all that much Except bazookas cost a little bit more. I’d love to hear what others think. HOw long before they put oetfront a second printing with better binding and cleaned up errata do you think?

My Finns got screwed. The infantry points go up. Historically, that is all we should be. Our tanks, of which we have very few, go down slightly. On the other hand, all the Russian pardon me, Soviet points go down. The net result is that my only historical opponent which I had a hard time beating before, is now more numerous.

My Soviet foe can now afford Katyushas to pound me with now. The list format is much better, though, generically speaking. The Finns are not as limited in Support choices now, but we now have fewer points to spend on them! Although from a gamers’ standpoint this is good, it gives a Captain far more choices than he realistically should.

If you thought a mere infantry captain had a fairy godmother in Flames of War before, get the hardcover books. Unless you play Finns, of course. Run that by one more time. Do the aufklarysagepanzergemutlichkeit and spaewifepatrollenkraftmacandcheese lists in “EF” have them? Or are you referring to scout platoons? I really need to learn FoW shorthand, like tanko and strelk and strum and airbourne and stuff.


By the time MP44s were introduced the only units left with divisional recce units were effectively panzer and panzer grenadier divisions. As far as I can see even the gepanzert aufklaerungs companies were never authorised MP44s. Bicycle companies in Fusilier battalions were authorised a couple of platoons armed with SMGs. Maybe some of them got MP44s. MP44 and its predecessors in name fielding has been recently addressed–again–on the FoW forum:. And I even get a designation wrong. It’s infectious, I tells ya.

When combined with the divisional AT battalion, you get an ad-hoc formation called a Schnell Battalion. Except they weren’t deployed during Stalingrad. Not until much later were they deployed.

But it would have been nice to have assault rifles in Stalingrad. And some A’s and a few Super Cobra’s as well. Since the assault rifles are an optional upgrade, if you don’t think they’re appropriate for Stalingrad, or ostfrlnt think sufficient numbers of assault rifles didn’t arrive until later, just don’t take the upgrade.

Battle of the Korsun–Cherkassy Pocket

There’s always the assault platoon with SMGs. I have the Eastern Front book that I just got. Since it priced out and expanded my present list, Luftwaffe Feld Kompanie, I was happy to have it. Another army that I’m interested in playing is the Italians, and they get substantially reworked as a battalion force, which is a big difference. If you are not as interested in tournements and official lists or don’t play much MW EF, then you probably want to just keep your Ostfront.

It’s a big hardback book. Your mileage may vary but if you are really interest in playing those armies, then I’d say get it, in the long run it’ll be worth it. Or just go and buy a platoon box of tanks from BF, or a kompanie of Panzers from Old Glory instead — more minis or more books??? I just picked up my copy recently, and the binding appears to be okay. If you are fielding forces out of that book you really want it, as there have been a few points changes, as well as a few organizational changes.

So my recommendation would be to get the new book. I guess since a Japanese anime series uses them and wikipedia says its ok, it must be accurate and perfectly historical.

The best I can find on the rifle is field and combat tested inso no issue to units, just testing. Official issue dates are in and the gun is issued as the MP43 and then the MP44, the Stg44 is not christened until December of Yet pretty much the same weapon.

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Dude, In your opinion, is it worth getting?