Shop GLOWWORM 12HXI 15HXI 18HXI 24HXI 30HXI 38HXI DISPLAY BOARD Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. Looking for a Glow-worm Natural Gas Boiler? You can order online today at great prices and collect in your local branch or have it delivered to. FITS – 12HXI 15HXI 18HXI 18SXI 24CXI 30CXI 30HXI 30SXI 38CXI 38HXI. GLOWWORM BOILER PCB was | eBay!.

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Adaptor clip-heat exchanger From: Bottom support-heat exchanger From: Cable control panel From: Cable ignition rod From: Cap flue test point From: Cap with sealing From: Chassis front seal From: Clamp x 48 From: Clamp – Heat exchanger From: Clamp, 9 mm From: Clip – Overheat thermostat From: Clip – strain relief From: Connection box seal From: Control box chassis From: Control box cover From: Control box retainer From: Control harness – Symsi From: Earth wire – mm From: Electrical conduit x5 From: Flue adaptor was From: Flue adaptor with cap seals From: Fuse mA T From: Gas cock assembly From: Gasket heat exchanger From: Gasket inspection cover heat exchanger From: Gasket plate gas pipe From: Grille bird protection From: Harness – Pump From: Heat exchanger door kit From: Hose clamp 50 From: Hose clamp 56 From: Inner door seal mm From: Inside wall seal DN From: Insulation cover heat exchanger From: Insulation, heat exchanger 10 mm From: Internal wall seal From: Low volt harness -option board From: M6 washered nut From: Mains inlet harness From: Manifold fan assembly From: Mechanical timer harness From: O ring 18 X 3 From: O-ring for venturi plate From: Option board harness From: Outside terminal opening From: Outside wall seal DN From: Outside wall seal Black From: Packing ring EPDM x Pipe – Drain condensate From: Pipe – Return From: Pipe support clip DN 60 From: Pipe support clip Black DN 60 From: Printed circuit board was From: Rosette, outside black From: Screw fan assambly From: Screw M6 X pozi pan From: Screw M6x20 PK10 From: Sealing plate gas pipe From: Side panel LH From: Side panel RH From: Spacer fan – 63mm From: Union nut – 3 way gas cock From: Venturi plate fan From: Viewing glass set From: Wall connector opening From: Wall connector black opening From: Wall hanging bracket From: Wall seal outside From: Zig ignitor bracket From: