ECLIPSE OF REASON. By MAX HORKHEIMER. New York, Ox- ford University Press, PP. I This book is a remarkably penetrating study of the status. From the Publisher In this book, Horkheimer surveys and demonstrates the gradual ascendancy of Reason in Western philosophy, its eventual total application. I’m starting to read Max Horkheimer’s Eclipse of Reason. I have had high hopes for it and have not been disappointed. The distinction.

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Prior to any critique of metaphysics, materialism rests on the basic recognition of suffering and the desire for happiness. I found this chapter profound and it links with a number of other important writings from the likes of Horkeimer and Heidegger to provide an important critique of our approach to nature. Edward Grant – – Cambridge University Press.

Eclipse of Reason by Max Horkheimer

Mirror Sites View this site from another server: This aspect of reason is universally conforming, and easily furnishes ideology. Much of what reaon become known as the New Left can be traced back to Horkheimer, his social philosophy and his analysis of contemporary culture.

Horkheumer topic George E. Max Horkheimer was born into a conservative Jewish family on February 14,the only son of Moritz and Babette Horkheimer. But he is not unreservedly critical of metaphysics.

Together with The Authoritarian Personality ; also co-authored by Adorno and Frankfurt Reasoon member Herbert Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Manit has had a major effect on 20th-century philosophy, sociology, culture, and politics, inspiring especially the New Left of the s and s.

Max Horkheimer

Horkheimer believes that virtually every element of society is suffering from the glorification of subjective reason as the only reason, which leads, he believes, to the inevitable descent into relativism, which in turn undermines the meanings of every action, and drags society kicking and screaming into a nihilistic abyss. Return to Book Page. Because of this pessimism, critical theory takes on a primarily negative task. Social needs are thus handled through various disorganized activities focused on individual needs, which in turn inadequately deals with the social basis of individual welfare, thus detracting from individual welfare.


Selected Essayspp. Horkheimer is less Marxist than Hegelian, maintaining that the dialectic between theory and practice is what drives history.

Eclipse of Reason (Bloomsbury Revelations) Max Horkheimer: Bloomsbury Academic

Heterodox and independent Marxists, open to new intellectual currents such as psychoanalysis, and predominantly Jewish, the Horkheimerr members swiftly fled Germany when Adolf Hitler came to power in German emigrants to the United States Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

However, he doesn’t expand too much on what objective reason looks like, so it reads a bit like a rant.

Claus Offe born 16 March in Berlin ecliose is a political sociologist of Marxist orientation. One might doubt, for example, that the philosophers who formed the core of the Frankfurt School, including Horkheimer himself, were actually open enough to the sciences.

Approaching the book one must understand that common discourse aside, there are different kinds of rationality, which is the only way to understand how the Nazis could be called rational.

A architectureAa applied artsAg agricultureAr archeology, prehistoryB business, financeBk booksBg biographyC cookery, housekeepingCr crime, disastersD drama, filmE economicsEd education, child careF feminism, role of womenFa fashionFi fine artsG gardeningH history, antiquarianismI information technologyJ journalism, broadcastingL languageLc literary criticismLw lawM medicine, healthMa mathematicsMu musicN natural sciencesNh natural history, environmentP polymathPh philosophyPo politics, governmentPs psychologyR religion, metaphysicsS social sciences, societySp sports, games, huntingT travel, localitiesTr transport Language is mentioned where unclear.


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Member feedback about Franz Leopold Neumann: Harold Lasswell’s The Garrison State is published. Member feedback about New Left: With logos —a word that becomes especially charged for me around Christmas and whose religious connotations are certainly intertwined with the idea of objectivity.

Advanced capitalism topic In political philosophy, hlrkheimer Frankfurt School critical theory, advanced capitalism is the situation that pertains in a society in which the capitalist model has been integrated and developed deeply and extensively and for a prolonged period. And importantly in this case it is not only the inner desires that are subjugated; others people are subjugated in the process of subjugating pleasure to organization.

He currently teaches political sociology at a private university in Berlin, the Hertie School of Governance. This was a great read. James Maffie – – Erkenntnis 43 1: Reason and Revolution topic Reason and Revolution: History of sociology Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Calling on Weberian terminology, Horkheimer discusses how this lead to the world becoming increasingly demystified, the magic of the world was all being rationalised and explained away.

How timely in this current resurgence of the very pre-fascistic nativism globally to see a philosopher and critical theorist dismantling the very process at work in this faux-regression, and how these movements are triggered in response to the resentful, alienated, reified subject.

Member feedback about Visual communication: It has meaning in the political, educational, spiritual and medical realms. This kind of reason eliminates the individual for the furtherance of the social system.