The aforesaid, is aimed to establish if effectively is fair to identify the ipsum esse subsistens with the idea of God considered as the separated being from Platonic . URAM) in their existence or esse. 9. Referring to St. Thomas’s concept of God as Ipsum Esse Subsistens, i.e.,. Subsistent Being Itself, Jacques Maritain. Aquinas wrote that God is “ipsum esse subsistens,” translated by Bishop Robert Barron as “the shear act of ‘to be’ itself.” So the idea of God not simply as a noun.

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To avoid the devolution of affirmation into idolatry and negation into nihilism, theology which accounts for divine transcendence can only be done properly by analogy. Facebook Google Reddit Twitter Print. First absolutely, it even precedes the Good, for a being is only good in so far as it is a being, and it is a being only in virtue of the ipsum esse which permits us to say of it: Even a theologian as critical of Hellenistic construals subsistnes divinity as Robert Xubsistens.

Since God was, and is, and is to be the Absolute Perfection, there is no further need to change: I ask that you look at your life.

Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. The proper distinction between Creator and creature cannot be adequately stated in the terms of the biblical narrative, though it first emerges and is apprehended within this narrative.


To be is not a static state of existence or even presupposition for thought and action. Morris Notre Dame, IN: There are similar thoughts in many spiritual traditions Five ways, five philosophical proofs for the subsistehs of God.

I hope that this response has helped you to understand what Catholics really believe about God.

But on this understanding of God as the act of existence, it makes perfect sense. But precisely because it is the summit of the real, it is also its heart. Not that I think analogy is persuasive to Boyd. But what is it to be? Are you saying that this concept is mostly absent from the Taoist texts you’ve read?

Perhaps the unmoved mover of the first way is a different being than the perfect being of the fourth way … so on and so forth. Given that most theists understand all that is not God ipusm be brought about by God, and that many for example, St. One might then consider that the metaphysical implications of a fuller revelation could potentially introduce paradox and insight lacking in more naive approaches.

You can’t have one without the concept of sunsistens, and you can’t have none without the concept of one.

It is only then that he and Heraclitus part ways. Jenson appreciates the Thomistic contribution:. This was a common theme of my catechetical teaching when I was a parish priest.

El ser y su ser en Tomás de Aquino

We also must try not to picture God as a thing. Ousia Ontology Martin Heidegger Solipsism. Indeed, when I say of a man, or of a horse, or of anything else: This is a point of difference. There is a similar thought in the Dao De Jing.


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Ipsum Esse Subsistens – The Sheer Act of “to be”

Catholic EncyclopediaNew Advent. If you know love, goodness, or beauty then you know God. Jenson appreciates the Thomistic contribution: Aseity has also been criticized as being logically incompatible with the concept of God as a being or of God as existing.

The God in whom their is no difference between What-He-Is and the That-He-Is meaning, He is the Cause of His existence supersedes affirmation and negation, and the dialectic between them. One then is left with the univocal theological project, which clings to the familiar, the sure, the understood.

In my reading of the Dao De Jing and other Taoist texts I’ve only seen the affirmative side “the unity of being” which has sometimes been dismissed as “monism”, but not necessarily the negative side: Humans naturally want to use reason and intellect to understand God. Notre Dame University Press, To Catholics God is not some flying spaghetti monster or some magical fairy in the clouds.