About Jaap Sahib: Jaap is the bani (set of hymns) uttered by Guru Gobind Singh ji, the Tenth Sikh Guru. It is the first bani recorded on Shri. JapJi Sahib Path(With Meaning In Punjabi) Meaning In Punjabi). [Show slideshow] · Microsoft Word – Japji sahib viakhia3 – Copy. ▻. Punjab Today, 21 Dukhnivaran Sahib Market. Patiala , Punjab A spiritual treatise on the Naam-Jaap (Technique of reciting the Name of God). .. Punjabi in Gurmukhi & English Transliteration. GENERAL. NIT-NEM.

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JapJi Sahib Path(With Meaning In Punjabi)

Visit our library at: God is always with all. God provides earning to all and He makes everybody unfettered. Salutation to the Immortal.

God is Incorporeal, He is sahin colour, caste, creed and name. God establishes everyone at all places and He is Omnipresent.


God is Unrivalled, Formless and Immanent. Its really helpful n knowing the meanings while reciting bani gives an immense pleasure. There is an all inclusiveness and universalism that keeps coming to the surface.


Salutation to God who is transcendent King of all Indras god of heaven. Salutation to God who gives blessings. God is the annihilator of the universe from all sides. This jaap sahib with meaning in punjabi to be a specific saying to authenticate the writings of Guru Gobind Singh himself.

Full text of “Jaap Sahib Phonetic Transcription And Translation”

Sher Singh in the Punjabbi of Sikhism writes: God cannot be pleased by reciting incantation. God is Immanent and Universal. God is all beauty in all forms. Salutation to Sustainer of all evil spirits and noble people as a family head.

Indescribable Punjabo is beyond caste, colour and creed.

Salutation to the Colourless. Salutation to the greatest Yogi punjabj all yogies; Salutation to the Knowledge of all the knowledgeables. God is Immanent among all. God is Transcendent King of all kings. Salutation to the greatest Magical formula Salutation to the most Beloved. Salutation to God who is surveying and superintending everyone.


God is Optimum bounty. Salutation to God who illuminates all the suns.

Salutation to God who is beyond customary observances. God is the Creator of all the languages. The language of Jaap, is close to classical with words and compounds drawn from Sanskrit, Brij Bhasha, Arabic and Urdu.

> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation | from dusk to dawn

The fervor of the true Bhakta comes out in hailing the immortal meanijg jaap sahib with meaning in punjabi companion. He is Immanent and Broad minded. Salutation to God whose qualities and virtues are numerous.

God is all Love and He loves everyone.