Anyone who’s serious about designing interfaces should have this book on their shelf for reference. It’s the most comprehensive cross-platform examination of. Jenifer Tidwell. · Rating details · 1, ratings · 65 reviews. Designing a good interface isn’t easy. Users demand software that is well-behaved. Designing a good interface isn’t easy. Users demand software that is well- behaved, good-looking, and easy to use. Your clients or managers demand originality.

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Despite all of the UI toolkits available today, it’s still not easy to design good application interfaces.

This bestselling book is one of the few reliable sources to help you navigate through the maze of design options. By capturing UI best practices and reusable ideas as design patterns, Designing Interfaces provides solutions to common design problems that you can tailor to the situation at hand.

Designing Interfaces, Second Edition

Patterns for Effective Interaction Design is an intermediate-level book about interface and interaction design, structured as a pattern language. It features real-live examples from desktop applications, web sites, web applications, mobile devices, and everything in between.


This site contains excerpts from some of the book’s patterns.

The jeniger has more, of course — more introductory material, more patterns, and more examples. This updated edition includes patterns for mobile apps and social media, as well as web applications and desktop software. Each pattern contains full-color examples and practical design advice that you can use immediately.

Experienced designers can use this guide as a sourcebook of ideas; novices will find a roadmap to the world of interface and interaction design. This is a definitely good book to study before you set out to design dedigning new application or website and maybe an inspiration to revisit existing material.

Patterns for Effective Interaction Design. Click here to find out.

Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design

Book Description Despite all of the UI toolkits available today, it’s still not easy to design good application interfaces. Design engaging and usable interfaces with more confidence and less guesswork Learn design concepts that are often misunderstood, such as affordances, visual hierarchy, navigational distance, and the use of color Get recommendations for specific UI patterns, including alternatives and warnings on when not to use them Mix jenirer recombine UI ideas as you see fit Polish the look and feel of your interfaces with graphic design principles and patterns About the Authors For more than a decade, Jenifer Tidwell has been designing and building user interfaces for a variety of industry verticals, often in the Java programming language.


She has experience in designing both desktop and Web applications. As a user interface designer at The MathWorks, Jenifer was instrumental in a redesign of the charting and visualization UI of MATLAB, which is used by researchers, students, and engineers worldwide to develop cars, planes, proteins, and theories about the universe.

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