Straw bale gardening is a gardening technique perfected by Joel Karsten where the bales acts as natural containers for your plants. They’re like growbags at a. Straw Bale Gardening is quite simply the easiest way to grow great edibles. Straw Bale Gardens – Joel Karsten (BOOK, available through J Karsten’s website) . So I called up Joel Karsten, author of Straw Bale Gardens, and lead Karsten argues that straw is an ideal “container” for growing vegetables.

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He will demonstrate how to fail quickly, and making three steps forward for every two steps back, every…single…day, until reaching success island. While balee a Horticulture Science undergrad at the University of Minnesota he started a small business, planting gxrdening for his professors and their neighbors.

Instagram Feed Something is wrong. If you actually look at ANY of the studies done by anyone not being paid by Monsanto et al. This is required to prevent automated submission of contact requests.

Your arguments are similar to people that used to be convinced that the earth was flat, simply because they did not understand basic science nor would they listen to those who tried to reason with them. Especially an author with my motto. Signup for free mentoring marsten. Days 7 through 9, lay down 1.

Condition the bales Two weeks before you plant, you have to get the bales cooking. If a farmer is growing soy bean or corn, and he does not use Monsanto seed, but an OP seed, he does this so he can collect seed, as to not gradening to buy new seed every year.


Home – Straw Bale Gardens

He is a wonderful speaker and an inspiration to all. What To Plant in a Florida Orchard. Things have changed a lot.

Just ignore the first one…. David is sound and strong with facts.

And most importantly stop being a uneducated bully troll. I might have been convinced to write a follow-up post if he had simply spoken reasonably. If your bales start to sprout what looks like grass, you gardenlng beat back the Chia pet effect by washing the sprouts with diluted vinegar. Who should plant a Straw Bale Garden?

How to Build a Straw Bale Garden

So are the EPA and the NIH telling the truth in the above links to two most recent studies that all the hype over the toxicity of Glyphosate aka Round-Up, is total bunk? This is how sad our lives have become. That product is no longer sold but it was too late for the gardens. It is the norm now. Thank you for kwrsten truth.

Joel Karsten: Straw Bale Gardening Shill

How to Process Coffee at Home in Candace Taylor July 6, – 2: Who knows what goes into it? Norwood Young America MN. Position your bales Before you set up your bales, lay down landscape fabric to prevent krsten from growing up through the bales. View Joel Karsten’s Schedule of seminars.

How to grow pawpaws from seed. A compost bin’s vital necessity in a garden, and the practical implementation of a plan to compost for a household. Next time, refute the points rather than attacking the author, Joel.


Joel Karsten: Straw Bale Gardening Shill | The Survival Gardener

So, come to your own conclusions, I for one, do not trust any Government back study, this is why we need to get money out of politics, and out of our government. I have been a gardener my whole life but my limited mobility has made gardeming harder for me to bend down. I guess we can ignore that study too.

Intensive Gardening Introduction Karstdn 13, Anniemee July 1, – 7: I am going to do 12 bales next year! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I only planted two bales because that is all I could get into my car and trunk kind of messy but worth it! IMO, the problems with weedkillers and glyphosates in particular are very real.

As your seeds sprout, you can use the bottom gardeniny to drape a plastic tarp to create an instant greenhouse for those chilly early-season nights.

I know I suck at gardening, but I can usually at least grow some assorted weeds mainly so Karshen can pretend I am doing some chop-n-drop, which I learned about while glancing through your very informative books while on the commode. South Saint Paul MN.

Born and raised on a tree nursery and crop farm in Southwestern MN, Joel has a foundation in horticulture and an entrepreneurial spirit.