In this case report, transitional bonding with the aid of a Kois deprogrammer was used to restore a patient’s worn dentition. Finding the centric relation might sometimes seem hard, but with appropriate devices, such as the Kois Deprogrammer it’ll become just obvious. The centric. The Kois Deprogrammer is a palatal-‐coverage maxillary acrylic device with a flat plane lingual to the anterior teeth. It separates the dental arches and provides.

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The Kois Deprogrammer is a removable, plastic appliance that covers the hard palate and creates a single point of contact between the lower drprogrammer incisor and the anterior bite plane. Riccardo Tonini deprogrammmer 12 Mar Giulio Pavolucci – 13 Nov The chewing envelope was then evaluated by sitting the patient up and having him chew on a piece of gum with micron articulating paper Bausch Dental, www.

In the resting position, there was no display of maxillary teeth Figure 3.

Filippo Cardinali – 26 May Fair if just dysfunction; poor if combined with parafunction. The deprogrammer has been found to be an effective device for achieving these bite registrations. Then, the patient should lie back in the chair, and be asked to occlude on the appliance through the articulating paper and slide forward and back.

It can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine if the mandible needs to move in the anterior or posterior direction to reach CR from the maximal intercuspal position MIP.


Kois Deprogrammer | Dental Services | Academy Dental

Severe attrition was evident on teeth Nos. He reported no dental pain or discomfort. Appropriate stabilisation is achieved by means of palatal plate accurately fitted to the palatal surface and by the labial deprogrqmmer.

Stefan Koubi – 4 Jun It has been has shown that, in patients with a centric prematurity introduced for a short period of time, a percentage of them may take days or weeks to lose the muscular uncoordination in the muscles of mastication once the prematurity is removed. These variables were discussed, and it was decided to phase the treatment to allow a transition period to enable the patient to be comfortable with the esthetics as well as the new occlusal relationship.

This is of utmost importance for preventing TMJ lesions related to occlusion. The same protocol was used to build the premolars and first molars. The provisional restorations were used to evaluate tooth form and contour in the smile deprograkmer the vertical dimension and new incisal edge position had already been established with the transitional bonding.

Kois Deprogrammer

Given that the laboratory technician already had the correct functional and esthetic parameters, there was an opportunity to create a more ideal cusp-to-fossa relationship by refining the mandibular cusp tips and adding to the opposing teeth. For some patients, it may be necessary to wear the deprogrammer up to 24 hours per day except when eating for old muscle memory to be erased and become completely deprogrammed. The desired incisal edge position would, in effect, determine the degree to which the vertical dimension should be increased.


In this case, the Kois deprogrammer made it possible for the practitioner to find, establish, maintain, and verify an acceptable vertical dimension in centric relation throughout the process. At that point, the vertical dimension was established, the deprogrammer was removed, and the posterior contact points were refined with Trollfoil articulating paper Deprpgrammer, www.

The possibility of parafunction nocturnal bruxism combined with occlusal dysfunction may have exacerbated the breakdown in deprogramemr system.

He expressed the desire for a whiter color and longer teeth.

Finding the Centric Relation – The Kois Deprogrammer – StyleItaliano

After receiving the deprogrammer from the lab. Marie Clement – 22 Mar He had a history of consuming sports drinks while playing team sports, but that habit was no longer active. The facial bow of the deprogrammer is made out of wire and extended from the most distal tooth on each side of the arch, in deprograjmer not to interfere with any occlusal surface of the tooth.

Giuseppe Chiodera – 18 Apr Science Driven Management Manual. Achieving esthetic and functional objectives with additive equilibration. The Kois deprogrammer allowed the clinician to find, establish, maintain, and verify an acceptable vertical dimension in centric relation throughout the process. deproogrammer

Patrizia Lucchi – 6 Nov Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition: