Linda Lovelace was an American pornographic actress known for her performance in the In her autobiography, Ordeal, Lovelace maintained that those films used leftover footage from Deep Throat; however, she frequently. The naked truth of the Linda Lovelace story, an abused woman who left her I first read her memoir Ordeal when I was at school, and was. ORDEAL Linda Lovelace with Mike McGrady CITADEL PRESS Kensington Publishing Corp. All copyrighted material within is.

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Was I supposed to take off the rest or was he? Rating this as 5 stars to say I really liked it feels all kinds of wrong.

Anyway, Benny was my first date in many months and during the ,inda few weeks, the four of us got together several times.

Dozens of photos shot from every conceivable angle. It seems that pounds of marijuana—bales of pot wrapped around coke, hash, speed, LSD and assorted pills—had been dropped in a wooded area south of Miami, not far from the town of Homestead. And when she met Chuck she hoped to have found a means of escape from her parents.

The men would be betting on the various women. I for one would have let the perverts kill me before I would submit to some of the things Linda did. Chuck dropped Kitty off and then he took me home. I really do feel for Linda Lovelace and the book at times was very hard to read.


My first thought was that we were going to stop and get something to eat.

LOVELACE. | Ana Luíza Ribeiro da Silva –

It is also about social class and the choices for working class women in the s in America. It just seems odd, but I digress. Linda was a virgin, but then Chuck took her virginity. It is terrifying to think that there are people in this world such as Chuck Traynor.

A shadow moved across my face and I opened my eyes. The reaction to the book, even among people I know, is a testament to the power of this woman’s story and what our interpretation of it says about how we view sex and autonomy. There was no nice feeling this time. Chuck lindx telling me I had to get something going with Barbara, or else.

I was filled with hurt. See all reviews. I like books about real-life people, but this one made me wonder how much was what really happened linra how much was exaggerated.

Ordeal by Linda Lovelace

Nights we went to the movies or watched television. The movie later became one of the first, and highest-grossing, X-rated videotape releases. I was praying all the time, praying for help, praying for something to make it all go away, praying for Chuck to slip up and leave me alone for a few minutes. This went on into July, a typical Florida July with the temperature up over ninety degrees every day, the shirt always sticking to your back and never enough air to go around.


This was an old guy in a wheelchair, barely able to stand up. Im not sure what will make the porn industry more safe for women, maybe if women took it over?

Chuck went over to the window beside the front door and remained there, looking out, standing guard. Physical abuse has no excuse. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. I was becoming quite a little actress. It never occurred to me that Chuck might have staged the whole thing for my benefit.

The naked truth of the Linda Lovelace story, an abused woman who left her abuser, is powerful stuff

Then I thought about his being a mortician—maybe he was one of those guys who oredal dead bodies; Chuck had told me about them. A History Of Love.

Linda Lovelace disappeared from sight several years ago. The fifth man—he was about thirty-five with blond hair parted on the side—was not taking part.